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Winter Storms Cause Ford and Lincoln to Offer Disaster Relief Program for Clients

Winter Storms Jonas and Olympia have strewn ice and snow throughout the Northeast and South of the United States. Winter Storm Jonas topped out as the single biggest snowstorm on record for six cities in the East, including in states such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Unwilling to leave the United States alone for too long, Winter Storm Olympia was soon to follow, inflicting further havoc on affected states. The bad news? Your new car might be covered in snow for a while. The good news? Ford and Lincoln care about you and your snow-covered car.

Ford Motor Credit Company and Lincoln Automotive Financial Services are taking advantage of the new disaster relief program to cut new car owners on the eastern side some slack. The program will allow permission for qualified customers to delay their monthly payments one to two times until they can make their scheduled payments again. The program is offered to specific clients who are affected by the storms and who have leased or purchased vehicles with financing from the following companies: Ford Credit, Lincoln Financial, Jaguar Credit, Land Rover Capital, Mazda American Credit, PRIMUS, and Volvo Car Finance.

If you’re not struggling in winter-crushed states like Pennsylvania or New Jersey, now is more the time than ever to take a look at your nearby AutoNation Ford or AutoNation Lincoln dealership. Ford and Lincoln aren’t afraid to demonstrate that they are concerned about you and your car’s well-being, and AutoNation is no different. Come see the latest models of Ford and Lincoln automobiles in person and know that what you’re looking at is quality, and that the service you receive will only be the best.

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