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Winter Driving Tips From Consumer Reports: Video

Right now, if seems like the entire country is dealing with extreme weather, with even generally mild places like Seattle seeing record snowfall. And while winter driving can be challenging, following a couple of simple rules can keep you safe if you need to venture out into a winter.

Fortunately, our friends over at Consumer Reports have put together a great video which explains them all. And they also just posted an informative article about all the areas of your car you should keep clean, so all your vehicle’s driver aids work properly. Obviously, if you don’t like driving in the snow, your best choice is to just stay home. But if you can’t, you should spend a few minutes reading the article and watching the video!

Of course, if you’re looking for a vehicle capable of tackling the snow with ease, or just need a proper set of winter tires, head to your local AutoNation Dealer! They’ve got choices for every need and budget, so stop in and see them today!

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