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On the Way: The Best-Selling Porsche will be an EV

Every day, there are more indications that the future is electric — and we just got some big news out of Stuttgart. Because Porsche is going to release an electric version of the Macan.

Now we know that Porsche has electric plans. There’s a Tesla aimed missile coming soon, by way of the Taycan. And at this moment, engineers are working on a hybrid 911, which for those of you who are just catching up, is the most iconic vehicle in the company’s lineup. But a new report from the Financial Times says Porsche is going all in on the future, by way of making it’s best-selling vehicle an EV. At this point, we don’t have any detail on the powertrain, but given all the news that’s been coming out of Porsche — and its parent company Volkswagen — of late, we expect to hear something soon.

While there are still some holdouts who resent that Porsche ever released anything other than a sports car, the fact is that super sizing the lineup saved the company, and allowed the production of the ferocious machines the company is synonymous with.

While the electric Porsche Macan might be a little ways out, your local AutoNation-affiliated Porsche dealer is ready to hook you up with the German sports car of your dreams. If you’ve waited long enough, give them a call today!

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