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VW Beach Buggy Concept Headed to Geneva Motor Show

Late last month, we wrote about how Volkswagen’s Christmas card to dealers hinted there might be something cool in the product pipeline — and now we know what it is. As the yuletide image suggests, it’s a modern VW beach buggy.

Unfortunately, it’s just a concept at this point, and we won’t even get a full look at this dream machine until it debuts at the Geneva Motor Show in March. That said, we know that Volkswagen is ambitiously aiming to put 15 million electric cars on the road, and the if the announcement about this concept is any indication, the initiative, and VW’s Modular Electric Drive Matrix platform, could produce the company’s most diverse lineup ever.

Just take a look at the section below, if you’re not convinced. You don’t have to have much of an imagination to see where thinking like this could lead:

The concept of the fully electric buggy is based on the vehicles that were created in the 1960s in California. Back then, the Beetle chassis served as the basis for these buggies; now, the MEB is proving to be just as flexible…

The new MEB concept vehicle shows that this fully electric platform can be used for more than just large-scale series production models. Like the Beetle chassis of yesteryear, the MEB has the potential to facilitate the development of low-volume niche vehicles.

“Low-volume niche vehicles” is the particular phrase that has us super excited. Because one of biggest factors that keeps a lot of fun, innovative cars from leaving the drawing board is the fact that developing a unique platform for a vehicle is frighteningly expensive. And since the MEB has been designed with flexibility in mind, that means the biggest hurtle toward a dealer lot filled with wild electric vans, cool dune buggies, and perhaps, zippy little sports coupes has already been conquered.

So like we said, there’s never been an official VW beach buggy, but we’d bet that in the future, you’ll be able to pick one up from your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer. Keep your fingers crossed it’s sooner rather than later! We’ll post more info on this killer concept as soon as it’s revealed in Geneva!

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