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Watch the Gorgeous New Volvo Polestar 1 Come Together: Video

We’ve been impressed with all the Volvo product we’ve had the opportunity to test this year. Since its purchase by Chinese auto giant Geely, the company has been releasing some of its best vehicles ever, and emerged from its former niche status into a potent player in the luxury segment.

While we’re still hoping — though there’s nothing to suggest it’ll happen — for a reboot of the stunning P1800 of the 1960s, we think the company has been hitting it out of the park when it comes to styling of late, and thought the new V60 wagon was among the prettiest cars on our recent cool wagons list. Given the competition? That’s really saying something.

That said, we can’t wait to to see the company’s new Polestar 1 in the flesh, and this new video shows we’re getting closer and closer to that happening. There hasn’t been much news about this gorgeous machine of late, but it’s going to upend the expectations of just what a performance Volvo means, and that’s exciting. Its twin-charged — read: turbo and supercharged — hybrid powertrain will pushing out a robust 600 horsepower, and an insane 738 pound-feet of torque, which should make it an absolute hoot to drive. We seriously can’t wait.

Check out the video below to see how the pre-production models are coming together, and if you haven’t looked at any of Volvo’s recent effort, take a swing by your local AutoNation-affiliated Volvo dealer. We think you’ll be impressed by what you see.

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