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Latest Volkswagen Anti-Theft Device? A Manual Transmission

Regular readers of AutoNation Drive will know we’re big fans of Volkswagen. We’ve had a the opportunity to review plenty of the company’s products over the past year, from the Final Edition Beetle, to the sporty Golf SE, to the three-row Tiguan, and found them to be practical machines that don’t sacrifice driving fun.

Of course, we’re also big fans of the manual transmission, so nobody should be surprised we chuckled at this new spot for the Jetta. You can watch the full ad below, but theme here is that the driver isn’t worried about anyone making off with his car — because it has a stick shift. And while we think this is pretty funny, because the news has recently been full of thieves foiled by a third pedal, it’s not exactly a strategy we’d recommend.

That said, it’s great for a laugh — though we still think this Atlas commercial set the bar pretty high.

Of course, regardless of which transmission you choose, the Jetta is a great drive, as our Jeffrey N. Ross discovered during his recent week with an SE model:

This compact sedan has gotten so much better to drive thanks to VW’s MQB platform. On the Jetta, it offers front-wheel drive layout with a torsion-beam rear suspension, which allows the sedan to feel balanced when being driven on windy back roads without resulting in a harsh ride in the city or on the interstate. All trim levels of the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta three driving modes (four if you count the customizable mode) that alter the car’s throttle response, shift points, steering feedback, climate control and ambient cabin lighting to provide an even more refined driving experience.

Head here to read his full review, and if you like what you see, head to your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer to arrange a test drive. Just do us a favor, and lock it up when you leave it parked…

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