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VISION NEXT 100 Concepts for BMW, MINI and Rolls-Royce

BMW Group unveiled a trio of concepts, called VISION NEXT 100, highlighting the future of MINI, BMW, and Rolls-Royce vehicles. While none of the concepts are likely to become production, they do showcase what the future of motoring may be like.



BMW of the Future

The Ultimate Driving Machine of the future may feature artificial intelligence (AI) for autonomous driving, but it will have user-modes for those who wish to drive; named ‘Ease’ and ‘Boost’ modes.

The Companion is more than just an infotainment system, it is the driver when in ease mode and the brains behind your brawn while in Boost mode. It also takes over menial tasks while driving in Boost mode, such as intended turn signals or other functions; making the Ultimate Driving Machine into the Ultimate Riding Machine.

To test drive modern versions of BMW vehicles, please call or stop by your local AutoNation-affiliated BMW store!



Tomorrow’s MINI

The MINI of tomorrow will be more connected than ever before, with a MINI sharing community with every purchase. MINI wants to link users of their urban go-kart so that drivers can more efficiently utilize the road.

The also want you to ‘Cooperize’ your car with more customizations and a greater link between the driver and digital AI that can take you to your destination or help you find the place to which you want to drive.

While the VISION 100 MINI is years away, you can still test drive a new 2016 MINI at your local AutoNation-affiliated MINI dealership.



Rolls-Royce beams opulence

There will be no need for a driver in the Rolls-Royce of tomorrow, ensuring you’ll have a mobile viewing room with sofa, interior lighting, and the pomp you need from your vehicle.

Simply tell Eleanor, the VISION NEXT 100 Rolls-Royce’s AI, where you’d like to go and she’ll whisk you away to your destination. Prior to your ‘Grand Arrival’, Eleanor will let you know you’re nearing your target so that you can get yourself ready. Once there the doors will lift up, creating a canopy cover, and a light will beam a red carpet-like light or your regal entry.


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