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New Extended Video Teases Coming Electric Ford Vehicles

Over the last few years, there’s been a lot of talk about the electric vehicles, and how they’re the future of the industry. And while some folks might think that mainstream popularity is still way off, if you’ve been paying attention, you know fleets of silent vehicles will be arriving before we know it. Case in point? This new teaser which shows a electric Ford tearing it up in the snow.

The video was made to showcase that electric vehicles can be made — contrary to what a lot of people think — to perform well in the cold. It shows a large, crossover-style vehicle undergoing testing, which makes us think the about all the investment Ford has made in electric truck start up Rivian. It’s been widely suggested that Ford will be working with company to develop an electric version of its iconic F-150, which we’ve thought is a great way to kick start the process.

Given that the F-150 is Ford’s bread and butter, we think there won’t be any chances taken when it comes time to roll out an electric pickup, and the end of the video suggests that there will be plenty of other choices available too. We honestly can’t wait to check them out.

While it will be some time before a purely electric Ford will be available at your local AutoNation Ford dealer, rest assured, a full line of green machines is on the way. The future is coming up fast!

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