2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport ReviewVideos 

Video: 2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport Review

For 2016 Lexus brings a smaller, turbocharged version of the RC to market. The 2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport features impressive gas mileage and an even more impressive price tag. In this episode of AutoNation New Car Test Drive, Ryan takes an up-close look at the new RC.

The 2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport houses a 2-liter twin-scroll turbocharged engine that puts out 241-horsepower and 258-lbft of torque. The F Sport package also features an additional mode on the dynamics control that provides more aggressive driving settings for your enjoyment. The interior has leather stitching and, with the F Sport package, the 2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport also comes with special wheels and extra trim pieces. The gauge cluster has increased functionality and the main screen boasts high definition and easy-to-use nagivation with traffic information.

With its powerful engine paired with an 8-speed automatic transmission that has manual override, the 2016 Lexus RC200t F Sport isn’t a ride to miss. Schedule an appointment with your nearby AutoNation-affiliated Lexus dealership to slide behind the wheel of the new RC.

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