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Here’s the Prototype Urban EV Honda is Bringing to Geneva

So is the Urban EV prototype Honda is bringing to the Geneva Motor Show cute as a button, or what?  In case you were wondering, that’s a rhetorical question, because the cute here is off the charts.

Now, it’s not the first time we’ve seen a version of Honda’s Urban EV, as there was another adorable take on it at the Frankfurt Motor Show back in 2017. You can see that pint-sized commuter in the video below, but the model slated to debut next month is reportedly far more ready for production. So far there’s only a teaser image, and no specs as far as range or charging times, as we’ll likely get those after the wraps come off at the show.

But if this is a preview of how Honda’s electric vehicles will look, we think they’re going to convince a lot of folks who never considered an EV to take notice. And the beauty isn’t skin deep — just take a look at the dash!

Honda Urban EV

As fans of old-school Hondas, we have to say we absolutely love that steering wheel. It’s all classic and retro cool, but appears to place plenty of 21st-century at the driver’s fingertips.

That said? We’re hard pressed to come up with any criticism of this layout. Because while we can be turned off by an approach that’s too screen-heavy, like what’s seen in a Tesla, the integration here is just so on-the-nose, it’s pointless to resist. We’re going to give extra points for how the designers were able to make a wood grain dash feel cutting edge, along with the fact that the climate settings are controlled by old fashioned knobs. Good looking out there, Honda designers.

While it’ll likely be a few years before you can check out something like the Urban EV Concept at your local AutoNation Honda dealer, rest assured they’ve got loads of hybrids and fuel efficient options on the lot right now. So if you can’t wait to go green, call or stop by today!

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