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Unibody Pickup Rumor: Is a New Ford Ranchero Coming?

Right now, industry folks are wondering whether Ford is going to bring the Ranger Raptor to the States. For the record, we think the Blue Oval would have to be totally bonkers not to bring its pint-sized trophy truck to our shores. And since we don’t think everyone in Dearborn has lost their minds? We’re confident it’ll happen — probably sooner rather than later.

Now that we’ve put that burning question to rest, we can address another interesting rumor, namely, whether Ford is planning to bring back the Ranchero. It’s really not as crazy as it might sound.

Our friends over at Automobile recently reported on how Ford is currently designing a replacement for the Courier pickup, a Brazilian-built unibody compact hauler that’s based on the Fiesta, and apparently, the company is weighing bringing it here. If it does come here, and that’s one heck of a big if, it would be a perfect opportunity to bring back the Ranchero. Speculation says the Courier replacement —Ranchero would be based on the current focus, which would still make it significantly smaller than the mid-size Ranger due here next year.

We think a tiny truck could fit well into Ford’s lineup, and its success would all come down to how well the designers execute concept. So don’t be surprised if you happen to see a Ranchero at your local AutoNation Ford dealer in the next few years…

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