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Here’s the First Batch of TRD Upgrades for the 2020 Toyota Supra

The previous generation was known for being upgrade friendly, and now Toyota Racing Development has released the first upgrades for the 2020 Toyota Supra. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go to the launch drive, but from what we’ve read so far, it seems Toyota has crafted a great sports car that’ll reward experienced drivers.

At this point, none of the components are drivetrain related. But given that Tetsuya Tada has previously said that the design team added extra vents to accommodate aftermarket upgrades, we image more go-fast bits aren’t far behind.

To start off, there’s a three-piece front splitter, a set of rocker extensions, panels to cover the — non-functional — side intakes, a deck lid spoiler, and a rear diffusor. While adding all these parts will lower the overall ride height by nearly an inch, the increase in downforce should pay dividends for owners looking to take their cars to the track.

Along with the body bits, there are also a set of trick looking mirror caps, and 20-inch forged aluminum wheels sporting ultra sticky Michelin Pilot Sport tires. Of course, opting for the high-performance rubber will make a huge difference, and we imagine a bunch of Supra fans are already planning to pick up a set of track-day tires.

Now, while we’re always stoked to see opportunities to make sporty cars even sportier, another bit of news about the 2020 Toyota Supra got us even more excited. Because our friends over at Car and Driver just strapped one to the dyno, and it produced a healthy 339 horsepower and 427 lb-ft of torque at the wheels. For the record, that’s more than the 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft or torque it was initially said to have, and the huge jump in torque is particularly impressive.

As enthusiasts will be quick to point out, different dyno machines can vary considerably, and seldom will produce the same results even when one car is shuffled between them. But given that a car is supposed to shed some grunt as the power is moved from the crank to the wheels, it sure seems like Toyota has undersold the numbers here a bit — and that’s a great thing.

The 2020 Toyota Supra is, unquestionably, one of the most talked about automotive debuts of the year. And after hearing rumors and seeing prototypes for what seems like an eternity, the new sports car is sure to generate a lot of excitement when it hits your local AutoNation Toyota dealer.

So if you’re looking to put one of these hot tickets in your garage, you should head over and pay them a visit today!

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