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New Trademark Filing Indicates New Acura Legend Might be on the Way

North American buyers haven’t seen the Acura Legend on the menu since the mid ’90s. But a recent trademark filing suggests we might see the nameplate return for a new model. The news comes via our friends at AutoGuide, which noticed the submission to the European trademark offices. But since Acuras are sold as Hondas across the pond, we expect we’ll see a similar filing in the United States.

Regardless, it’s an interesting development, as the Legend was Acura’s flagship product when it was on sale here, and offered both coupes and four-door models, both of which sported clean sheet metal and great driving dynamics. With the Legend, Acura built upon all the elements that made the Hondas of the era so celebrated, and added luxurious touches to appeal to a more upscale buyer.

As you’d expect, the formula was a hit, and it’s not uncommon to see well-maintained versions of these cars out on the road — even though they’re at least two decades old. Safe to say, the folks that bought them loved them.

That said? We have to say we’d be happy to see Acura give its cars proper name again, as the company always had a knack for them, with the Vigor being a personal favorite.

If we had our way, a new Legend would replace the current TLX at the top of Acura’s sedan range, as the current vehicle shows the company still knows a thing or two about crafting a compelling sedan. Here’s what I had to say about my recent week with the Acura TLX AWD A-Spec:

At the end of the week with the TLX AWD A-Spec, we didn’t want to give it back. And a test drive will demonstrate why — it’s attractive, comfortable, and fun to drive. As we’ve mentioned previously, the sporty sedan also solicited plenty of positive feedback from folks on the street, and we had several great conversations with passerby about how much they love, or loved, the Acura vehicles they’d owned over the years.

My biggest problem with the TLX was that my schedule didn’t permit an extended road trip, because this baby would have made a great traveling companion. For more on the TLX, read my full review here.

Of course, we’ll have to wait and see what Acura has in store for the Legend name. But in the meantime, your local AutoNation-affiliated Acura dealer has plenty of inventory in the showroom right now, including the fantastic 2019 RDX.

So if you’re looking for a reliable, sporty, and versatile daily driver, head over and see them today!

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