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Toyota Exploring Track-Focused Version of the Supra

While we still haven’t seen a version of the Toyota Supra without its camouflage, that hasn’t stopped the company from releasing more news about its plans for the next generation of the sporty coupe — and it’s just the kind of stuff enthusiasts love to hear. In a recent interview with our friends at Top Gear, chief engineer Tetsuya Tada said he’s interested in building a track-focused version, though at this point, details are still few and far between.

That said, it doesn’t sound like more power is on the table. Instead, the emphasis will be on shedding weight, to make the platform more agile in corners, and make better use of the available power. As it stands now, buyers will get a choice of either a 335-horsepower 3.0-liter I6, or a 262-horsepower I4. Both mills will come courtesy of project partner BMW, and both will sport turbochargers. Here’s what Tada said about the still-developing plans: “At some point I would like to make a track-limited Supra with less weight. We’re already making a racing version so we know if you take out 100kg it’s a completely different car – you don’t even need any more power.”

When asked when the hot rod Supra would be street legal or not not, Tada said there was no decision either way, stating, “We’re investigating both avenues, there’s always a trade-off because being road-legal brings restrictions.”

That said, we’d bet a track-only version of the Supra is a long shot, as any car you can’t drive on the street is inherently a niche vehicle, making it harder to sell, and thus, harder to justify from a product standpoint. So expect the hottest model to be legal for weekend runs on your favorite set of twisty roads, as well as sessions at your local circuit.

Obviously, we still have tons of questions about the next generation Supra, including whether we’ll actually get a version with a manual gearbox. One thing is certain, however: This baby is sure to be a hot ticket when it arrives at your local AutoNation Toyota dealer.

So if you’re seriously thinking about putting one in your garage? We’d suggest heading down there and getting on a waiting list. More news when we have it.

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