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SEMA 2018: This Toyota Tundra has a Robotic Pizza Station

Anyone who’s seen Terminator 2: Judgement Day knows it’s only a matter of time before the machines take over. But before humans are forced to cowering in underground bunkers and fighting battalions of mechanized killers, some robots will do nice things — like make pizza! For an example, look no further than the Toyota Pizza Hut Pie Pro Tundra.

Right now, it’s on display at SEMA in Las Vegas, and we sincerely hope it’s fully operational. Because what better what to attract a little attention to a booth than giving out slices of hot pizza? While it would be a little tricky, driving around the convention center could even be an option, as the truck is powered by the hydrogen unit from the Toyota Mirai. That means zero emissions — except the smell of pizza, of course!

To be clear, the robot appendages don’t actually construct the pizza, but rather pull them from a on-board refrigerator, slide them into the oven, and box them after they come through the conveyor.  Then the pies pop out a trick little slot on the side. While Pizza Hut doesn’t have any concrete plans to institute a system like this, the company is researching ways to potentially cook pizza while it’s en route to customer’s homes, or even cook them in their driveways, for that maximum fresh-the-oven taste.

We’ll make sure to get some live shots of this pizza machine as we scour the show floor. Of course, if you like what you see, make sure to head over to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer. Though none of the ones on the lot will have a robot pizza station in the bed, something tells us you’ll be able to opt for some features you’ll find even more useful.

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