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Watch the Toyota Supra Storm the Hill at Goodwood: Video

We’ve written about the forthcoming Toyota Supra plenty over the last year or so, and this morning, we got the first official view of the car in motion. The setting was the gearhead paradise of Lord March’s driveway at the legendary Goodwood Festival of Speed, and race driver Herwig Daenens was joined by the project’s chief engineer Tetsuya Tada for the brief jaunt.

This is the part where we remember that one of the coolest automotive events in the world, which attracts some of the craziest hardware on the planet, is held at some dude’s house — all while we cherish dreams of someday securing covered parking. Oh well.

At this point, we have more questions than answers about the latest incarnation of Toyota’s giant-killing sports coupe, because while the company was calling this a “debut,” details were few and far between. What we do know if that there will be a 3.0-liter I6 under the hood, and it will send power to the rear wheels.

A hybrid version is reportedly in the works too, but output for neither powertrain has been released. There have also been conflicting reports about whether there will be a manual version, which would certainly please purists, but given how manufacturers are moving away from third pedals, we think an automatic or a dual-clutch unit is more likely.

The downright strange part about this “debut” was the fact that the Supra was still wearing its red, white, and gray camouflage livery. Because anyone even mildly interested in the Supra, or who even reads the automotive press, has seen plenty of shots of this car already, and patterns like these are designed to prevent folks from getting a clear picture of the lines.

So yes, we are seeing the production Supra, but we still don’t have much more than a rough idea of how it’ll look when it begins arriving at your local AutoNation Toyota dealer. Spoiler alert: We think it’s going to look boss.

Watch the video below to see the new Supra stretch its legs, and stay tuned for more news on this exciting addition to Toyota’s lineup!

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