2018 Volkswagen Golf Featured Test Drive Reviews Volkswagen 

Hatch Full of Fun: 2018 Volkswagen Golf SE Test Drive Review

We’re huge fans of hatchbacks, and the Volkswagen Golf has always been our personal favorite. The Volkswagen Golf has won many awards throughout its history and rightfully so. It is, after all, Volkswagen’s best-selling model. The new 2018 model seen here has been so well received that Volkswagen has already sold one million of them. While we’re not sure how many Volkswagen Golfs have been sold to date, in 2013, Volkswagen announced the sale of its 30 millionth Golf since its inception. That is simply outstanding. Let’s take a closer look…

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2018 Volkswagen Golf SE Featured Test Drive Reviews Volkswagen 

The Full Package: 2018 Volkswagen Golf SE Test Drive

We absolutely love hatchbacks. Not only because of their design but also because of their utilitarian use. While most young car shoppers tend to go for a compact sedan, in general, we’d highly recommend for them to check out hatchbacks. That said, one of our personal favorites is the Volkswagen Golf, and we recently got to spend some time with the 2018 model year. We came away very impressed. Not only is the 2018 Volkswagen Golf fun to drive it also offers 60/40 split rear seats, standard Apple CarPlay and…

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5 Pet-Friendly Cars for Your Furry Family

For those of you with extended families that include wagging tails and panting tongues, AutoNation Drive has compiled a list of the most pet-friendly cars for your traveling needs. It’s a wonderful thing to have a muscled car with miles of luxurious leather on the interior- but there’s no way that’s the car you’re driving with your fuzzy friends. If you have beloved family members that are more often messy than spotless, one of these five cars might be your solution.   Subaru Outback The classic go-to vehicle for taking your…

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2016 Volkswagen Golf R Review Test Drive Reviews 

2016 Volkswagen Golf R Test Drive

The Volkswagen Golf has been in production since 1974 and has become known as one of the best hatchbacks the automotive market has ever seen. However, it wasn’t until 1976 that things got really exciting for the Volkswagen Golf lineup with the introduction of the hot-hatch known as the Volkswagen GTI. The Volkswagen Golf is already a great car for the urban customer looking for utilitarian use and the Volkswagen GTI is the perfect everyday hot-hatchback. What’s better than those two? Well, people always want more, and if you’re willing…

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3 Cars for Happily Enduring Holiday Traffic

This time of year, while it is also known for its wonderful holiday cheer and decorations, is known for being a black hole for traffic. Admittedly, even the most seasoned and patient veteran driver may find themselves tested by stop-and-go traffic that is more stop than go. If you find yourself dreading holiday season jams, take a look at these following cars. With these vehicles, you’ll be more than happy to hop into that freeway lane and sit for hours.   Volkswagen Golf When stuck in stop-and-go traffic you’re likely…

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