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Tips on How to Save Money on Gas

Here’s what you can do to save money and maximize your tank of gas. It’s always a treat to get the most value out of our daily expenses and adopting a few of the practices outlined below can stretch your dollars further at the pump. One way to save money on gas is to make simple adjustments to the way you drive. We’d never criticize your driving competency, rather, think of this as ways to improve your current stellar driving abilities. For instance, did you know by tweaking your current…

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Station Wagons Available in the United States

The station wagon is as hot as ever in the United States, and there are still some station wagons that offer the best cargo volume before you shop in the crossover segment. Let’s take a look at which station wagons you can still buy in the United States! Audi A4 Allroad: The Audi A4 Allroad offers the best of both worlds – a perfect wagon for the utilitarian in you and a great transport during adverse weather conditions. Power comes from a 3.0 liter four cylinder turbo making 252 horsepower. BMW 3 Series…

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Top 5 for mothers - honda Automotive News 

Top 5 Cars for Mothers

Mother’s Day is a time where we honor that special woman in our life that brought us into the world. With that in mind, we decided to take a look at some cars that would be a perfect fit for a mother’s lifestyle. Of course, not all mothers are the same, so our lists focuses on all the different types of mothers – those with a big family, those with a small family, or those that want to enjoy a little luxury. While we did our best to cater our…

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2013 Toyota Prius V Test Drive Reviews 

2013 Toyota Prius V

The Prius has been a runaway success for Toyota. How do you build on success like that? Expand the lineup, which is exactly what Toyota did starting in 2012 with the smaller Prius C and the larger Prius V. This week we got a chance to try out the Prius V, which is aimed at the Prius driver wanting a bit more room for family, friends and gear. This is a large roomy wagon-like vehicle that still gets excellent mileage–44 city and 40 highway. So how does it stack up…

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