Test Drive Reviews 

2014 Toyota Avalon Limited Test Drive

Never one to come up in conversation, the Toyota Avalon is one of the most overlooked full-size sedans on the market. The Avalon has always been more of the “I’ll consider it sedan” than a “must buy”. I have a feeling though that this will soon change. Thanks to a redesign back in 2013, Toyota has transformed this car from a basic four-door sedan into a well-sculpted automobile that is deserving of accolades from both automotive journalists and the buying public. Exterior: Riding on the same chassis as the Lexus…

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2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Test Drive Reviews 

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

So how does a car this big get 40 mpg on the highway? And 39 city? Well, it’s a hybrid for one. And it’s built by Toyota, the world leader in hybrid technology. But still. It’s very impressive for a car this size and the new Avalon Hybrid is remarkably quick and stylish, too. This is definitely not your grandmother’s Avalon. Exterior The Avalon is all-new for 2013, and is by far the most stylish and efficient Avalon to date. The new design combines sleek, curvy look that shows Toyota…

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