2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Featured Test Drive Reviews Toyota 

2018 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Test Drive Review

The all-new 2019 Toyota Avalon goes on sale later this year, but before that happens, we get one last crack at the current model in hybrid form. Since it was introduced in 1994, the Avalon has stood as a buffer between the Toyota Camry and Lexus ES with more size and content than the Toyota but a little less price and luxury than the Lexus. As unique as the Avalon is positioned in the Toyota family, it is also hard to nail down any apples-to-apples competition for the 2018 Toyota…

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2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid Test Drive Reviews 

2013 Toyota Avalon Hybrid

So how does a car this big get 40 mpg on the highway? And 39 city? Well, it’s a hybrid for one. And it’s built by Toyota, the world leader in hybrid technology. But still. It’s very impressive for a car this size and the new Avalon Hybrid is remarkably quick and stylish, too. This is definitely not your grandmother’s Avalon. Exterior The Avalon is all-new for 2013, and is by far the most stylish and efficient Avalon to date. The new design combines sleek, curvy look that shows Toyota…

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