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There’s an AutoNation vehicle for every type of Dad (Quiz)

Congratulations! You’re a Dad. It’s a tough job, but somebody’s got to do it. You might be a new father or even a grandfather, but no matter the stage of fatherhood you’re in one thing’s for sure: you have at least one terrific child. So why not treat yourself this Father’s Day? Whether you’re in the position to buy a new vehicle or just daydream about purchasing one, take our quiz to find out which AutoNation vehicle works best for the phase of fatherhood your currently in. After all the…

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2014 Infiniti Q60S Convertible

There is a dismissive, snarky old saw about convertibles: “Chop the roof off any car and you improve it at least 50 percent.” Now, forgetting momentarily that a fair number of enclosed cars treated to such shenanigans will snap shut like a bear trap, there’s truth in the sentiment. Structural engineers will go apoplectic, but open-top cars like yesteryear’s British roadsters bring you closer to nature, closer to the road, closer to the Sports Car Truth that lay in top-down driving, when Nigel Shiftright and Blippy McThrottlage rowed their own…

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