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Cars in LEGOs

Recently LEGOs made waves in the automotive industry by offering a 1:8 scale, crazy-complicated, $300 LEGOs kit for the Porsche 911 GT3 RS featuring more than 2,700 pieces. With so many cars on the road we wondered how many cars in LEGOs there were.   LEGO Creator   It starts as a Jeep-like vehicle with two seats, off-roading capability, and circular headlights flanking a grille. There are tow hooks and high-fenders that won’t hit rocks, it even comes with doors you can remove in good weather. However, it also turns into…

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2014 McLaren P1 Automotive News 

Report: McLaren working on a Porsche 911 fighter, inspired by P1

Britain’s AutoExpressUK received the scoop on a new, more affordable supercar from McLaren, which will be called the P13. The car will go against the Porsche 911 and is expected to cost similarly. Power will be provided by a revised version of the automaker’s familiar 3.8L twin-turbocharged V8 good for 450hp. After speaking with a source inside the automaker, the P13 will also be styled after the P1 super hybrid. It will also utilize a carbon fiber chassis, much like the P1. The proportions are also expected to be smaller,…

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