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20 Manufacturers Have Committed to Standard Automatic Emergency Braking

Today’s cars are much safer than they were even ten years ago. As infotainment technology has progressed so too has the technology that keeps us alive in the event of an accident. Well, now safety on the road will improve even more than before as 20 automakers have committed to standard automatic emergency braking (AEB) in their vehicles. Automatic or autonomous emergency braking is a system that helps prevent crashes before they even occur by sensing an impending collision and taking control of the brakes to initiate stopping. Whether the…

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Understanding Laser-guided Cruise Controls and LiDAR

In this day and age, the world of automatic driving is nearing but not quite here yet. What is prolific, however, is the advanced cruise control technologies that rely heavily on laser guidance, called LiDAR. LiDAR stands for Light Detection And Ranging, though many people consider the amalgamation of “light” and “radar” as the terms’ origin. Regardless of the its origin, LiDAR technology beams a laser light at another object and determines the time it takes to return, thus gathering speed, distance, and more; and has nothing to do with radio-wave…

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