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History of Cars: Modern Cars

After the gas crisis of the 70s, cars started to change drastically. Not only did cars change, but what society expected of them changed, too, from increased safety standards to decreased environmental impacts. Exploration of non-petroleum based fuels has boomed in a way not seen since the Industrial Revolution. In our previous installments of the History of Cars, we’ve covered the change of vehicles as the internal combustion engine rose to power and the industrial revolution spawned the vehicle we know today. The consecutive World Wars impacted vehicle design and…

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History of Cars: Post-World War II

Americans had been fascinated by vehicles prior to the era of World Wars and they brought new fascinations back from the war with them. In this, the second part of the History of American Cars, we’ll take a look at the vehicles post-World War II and how people made them theirs.   Willies for Life One of the most iconic vehicles that came from the roads of World War II: the Willy’s MB, also known as the Jeep. This 4×4 vehicle took whatever the war had and pushed right back,…

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History of Cars: Pre-World War I

To see where you’re headed, it’s often helpful to see where you’ve been. No truer is that than in the Automotive Industry, where popular designs or nomenclature stands the test of time, is revived from the graveyard to entertain the next generation of car buyers, or is recycled in new ways. In this first installment of the History of Cars, we’ll look at the birth of an industry with Pre-World War I vehicles. While plenty of technological advances had to progress prior to the inventions we’ll be looking into, these are the…

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