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SUVs with Third-Row Seating

The expansion of many SUV seating capacity from five to seven or eight by adding third-row seating is something that has become common practice in the automotive industry. While these SUVs with third-row seating have a larger footprint, they are also more practical for those with larger families or extended friend bases, or those looking for more cargo space (as the third row often folds or is removable).   Volvo XC90 The Volvo XC90 offers creature comforts, the ultimate in safety from the Swedish car maker, and premium standard features….

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The Top 5 Crossovers with 3rd Row Seating at Its Best

Sometimes the two front rows just don’t cover it. For adventurous families who love to explore and travel, a crossover with 3rd row seating is critical to the comfort and functionality of those ventures. It’s a hard toss-up at times to choose between ample storing and ample seating, but in the case of these five outstanding crossovers you get the best of both worlds.   The 2015 Toyota Highlander¬† With a reputation for reliability, this seven-passenger Highlander has already won itself a positive name in the crossover market. Since the…

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Large SUVs that can fit your family and cargo

One of the biggest compromises when it comes to shopping in the SUV segment is the space for your family along with room for your cargo. Many SUVs out there, especially compact and mid-sized, tend to sacrifice seating for more cargo or vice versa. However, there are some solutions out there for families that are looking for an SUV that offers both,¬†seating for up to or more than 7 passengers and plenty of cargo space for those trips to the airport or grocery shopping at Costco. With that in mind,…

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