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Head to Head: 2016 Honda CR-V vs. 2016 Toyota RAV4

The small SUV market has been expanding in recent years, yet there are no two vehicles with the longevity of both the Honda CR-V and the Toyota RAV4. Both started in the mid-90s, when small crossovers weren’t really a thing. Now their competition includes vehicles such as the Subaru Crosstrek, Hyundai Santa Fe, Mazda CX-5, Ford Escape, Chevrolet Trax, and other small SUVs. For the 2016 Honda CR-V and 2016 Toyota RAV4, these two similar vehicles start within $1,000 of each other and offer similar technology and options. In an ever-expanding…

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Best Crossovers Under $30,000 in 2016

With gas prices at an affordable level, crossovers and SUVs are becoming more popular than ever. Crossover themselves have become a huge segment with every automaker jumping in to grab a piece of the pie, and it’s difficult to pick out the best crossovers under $30,000. With that in mind, our team of editors decided to compile a list of crossovers that you can buy in 2016 that won’t break the bank and will offer you all the comfort and utility you’re looking for. Our list contains a large variety…

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Top 7 Compact Crossovers for Small Families in 2016

Crossovers represent one of the fastest growing segments in the automotive industry and all automakers, including luxury automakers, are jumping in to grab a piece of the pie. However, within the crossover segment, there is sub-segment that also seems to be booming and that includes the compact crossovers. Compact crossovers offer the utility of an SUV with a comfortable ride of a sedan on which they are usually based. Compact crossovers are becoming increasingly popular for smaller families with three to five individuals. The compact crossover segment is currently dominated…

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Face-off Friday: 2016 Ford Escape vs 2016 Mazda CX-5

The Ford Escape and the Mazda CX-5 are two of the best compact crossovers currently on the market – however if you look at history, the two are somewhat related. The Ford Escape originally made its debut back in 2000 and ever since Ford has produced three generations of the crossover. Ford released the original model as 2001 model year that was actually co-developed and launched with Mazda, which Ford owned a significant stake of. The two were sold side by side-by-side with the Mazda version being called the Tribute. Almost…

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Face-Off Friday: 2015 Honda CR-V vs 2015 Ford Escape

The Honda CR-V and the Ford Escape are two of the best-selling crossovers in the United States. Both offer comfortable seating for up to 5-passengers and both provide good fuel-economy on long trips to their 4-cylinder powertrain lineup. But which is better? Actually, both are a great choice for any small family looking for a vehicle for road-trips or weekend getaways. Both crossovers are the best in their segment with options like power lift-gate, dual-zone climate control, an tech-savvy infotainment system, and minor off-roading capabilities. One of the major factors…

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