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M Marks the Spot: 2018 BMW M550i xDrive Review

As luxury automakers start to downsize their engine capacities to more innovative and surprisingly quick four-cylinder powertrains, the larger engine offerings are falling into a specialty category. Mercedes-Benz has spun off its elite high-performance AMG brand into what is now known as Mercedes-AMG. While AMG was once known to exclusively offer some of the most outstanding performance variants of everyday Mercedes-Benz vehicles, the AMG badge is now displayed on anything Mercedes-Benz deems sporty. The same can be said for BMW’s M brand. Back in the day, seeing an M badge…

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2018 BMW M550i BMW Featured Test Drive Reviews 

2018 BMW M550i Test Drive Review

BMW is an automaker that loves to live between the lines bringing us niche products like its growing lineup of coupe-inspired sedans and crossovers. In a similar spirit, the 2018 BMW M550i xDrive bridges the gap between the extensive 5 Series offerings (the 335-horesepower 540i to be exact) and the upcoming 600-horsepower M5. Although the 2018 BMW M550i could have just as easily been the replacement for the previous-gen 550i, BMW went a step further by letting its in-house M Performance tuning team go to work on this sedan. The…

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Report: The next generation 2016 BMW 5-Series to feature sportier styling and 220lb diet

The BMW 5-Series has evolved to become a rather large and ungainly vehicle in comparison to 5-Series of the past, losing some of the “sports car in an unassuming German saloon” charm. But that’s about to change for the next generation, back to the good ‘ol classic ways of BMW, as the next generation BMW 5-Series for 2016 will be going on a 220lb diet while getting sportier styling. Though according to the report from AutoExpress, the changes shouldn’t be too radical and will still maintain the “premium appearance” with a…

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