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20 Manufacturers Have Committed to Standard Automatic Emergency Braking

Today’s cars are much safer than they were even ten years ago. As infotainment technology has progressed so too has the technology that keeps us alive in the event of an accident. Well, now safety on the road will improve even more than before as 20 automakers have committed to standard automatic emergency braking (AEB) in their vehicles. Automatic or autonomous emergency braking is a system that helps prevent crashes before they even occur by sensing an impending collision and taking control of the brakes to initiate stopping. Whether the…

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Optional Tech Features You Should Buy Into

When you’re looking for a new vehicle, many come with so many options it’s mind blowing. While some options might seem downright silly, others are conveniences that shouldn’t be dismissed. Here are some of the optional tech features you should buy.   Adaptive Cruise Controls Today’s cruise controls are much more advanced than the versions that fist appeared over fifty years ago, and can do much to ensure you don’t get fatigued behind the wheel. Take your foot off the gas in a car with advanced cruise controls and the car…

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