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2015 Alfa Romeo 4C Test Drive

Slotting itself squarely against such competitors as the Porsche Cayman and new Jaguar F-Type V6, the 2015 Alfa Romeo 4C is looking to become the go-to sports car for those looking for something different. With a mid-mounted turbocharged 4-cylinder engine, a carbon fiber chassis and a curb weight of under 2,500-pounds, the 4C comes to U.S. shores ready for battle. Oh, it also doesn’t hurt that it’s Italian and looks like a super car. ======== To be considered an Italian exotic, a few distinct elements must apply. First and foremost,…

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Report: Alfa Romeo is officially back in the US, 4C gains weight, plus pricing details

Following a 20-year hiatus, Alfa Romeo is officially back in the North American market as a mass-market automaker. And the model kicking off the brand’s triumphant return is the lovely Alfa Romeo 4C sports coupe. That said, some new details are in as AutoBlog reports that Alfa Romeo’s highly-anticipated 4C will unfortunately gain some weight, approximately 342lbs, to be exact. As it comes state side, this increase in weight can be attributed the differentiation in federalization standards for the inclusion of more safety tech and engineering. The total result is a dry…

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