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The BMW iNEXT Gives Back to the Future

From the makers of the automobile with the slogan, “The Ultimate Driving Machine,” comes the announcement of the iNEXT, BMW’s replacement of the plugged-in 7-Series, slated for a 2021 release. The decision to shift brand focus from the conventional octane luxury driver to next generation electromobility, digital connectivity and intelligent design was “an emotional one,’” stated Harald Kruger, Chairman of the Board, at the 96th Annual General Meeting in Germany. He continued with, “It is always better to make a decision than to wait—and the purchase incentive will directly benefit…

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Test Drive Reviews 

2015 BMW i3 Test Drive

If you were thinking the 2015 BMW i3 is a smaller, less expensive version of its i8 older brother, you’d be right – kind of. The i3 shares many of the same structural build enhancements as the BMW i8 sports car, but it does so with a much different mission in mind. Where the i8 is more of an exotic hybrid, the i3 maintains its stride as a daily driver and city car. Small and compact the i3 is not. Quite the opposite in fact as this is a car…

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