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SEMA OEM Booth – SEMA-Built vehicles put the “Toy” in Toyota

Toyota has often been seen as a fun brand that is also safe and reliable. For the 2015 SEMA Show, they’ve taken this ideal to a new level with many fun and uniquely modified cars from their proven line-up.

Toyota 4Runner brings Tonka trucks to adults

2015-SEMA_Toyota01Toyota and Funrise Toy Corporation have joined forces to bring Tonka Toys to all with this modified version of the popular 4Runner. Using the base 4Runner, this SUV has been modified with a custom Bulletproof Suspension King coilovers and other components. The wheels have been swapped out for something more Tonka-tough, and the tires have been changed for something able to handle the toughest of trails.

And, if you’re out on the trails too late, there’s a pop-up tent on the top of the Tonka 4Runner for your overnight needs.

Toyota Nascar Sprint Cup Series Camry

2015-SEMA_Toyota15This car has been modified from top to bottom, with a laundry-list of improvements to the engine, wheels, chassis, drivetrain, suspension, and more. The power of the NASCAR Camry has been increase from the stock 178-horsepower to a whopping 850-horsepower, though that’s also because the hood now hides a 5.86-liter V8 engine. Many parts were swapped out with ones that are NASCAR approved, such as the steel wheels and the safety devices.

Though, this Camry won’t be able to get you from your driveway to your final destination as it’s a competition-only car.

Back to the Future with the Mirai

2015-SEMA_Toyota32Doc Brown, Marty McFly, and the Back to the Future movies inspired this SEMA-built Toyota Mirai. This hydrogen fuel cell vehicle was introduced into California just this month, with a boost from the Back to the Future duo. The Back to the Future theme was created by MV Design, along with sponsors Kotto Auto Glass, Air Runner for suspension, Aristo Collection for wheels, and more.

Whereas the original DeLorean Time Machine used straight refuse to power the flux capacitor, the Mirai requires broken down waste to be produced into biogas from which hydrogen fuel can be extracted. Though, we dig the flux capacitor, gull wing doors, and time-travel styled heads-up display.

The Ultimate Utility Vehicle (UUV)

2015-SEMA_Toyota20This Toyota Sienna custom UUV was created as part of the Ever-Better Expedition, which has been traveling across North America. This one-of-a-kind Sienna is equipped with a TRD supercharger, 22×12 Monster Energy 539B off-road wheels, a Wilwood big brake kit, and more. And, just in-case the ultimate expedition needs a little music for the drive, Toyota has included a 2500-watt JBL Audio stereo system.

Though, the bulk of the work was done to the body, including custom fenders, bumpersn and door improvements, and upgrades to the suspension, including upgraded Heim steering components and an increase to 15.78-inches of wheel travel.

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While many of these SEMA-built vehicles cannot be purchased, as is, from your local AutoNation Dealership, there are many stock versions of these cars that can be!

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