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Powerful New Spot for Volkswagen’s I.D. Buzz is Way Off Script

When a company makes a mistake, it doesn’t generally make a commercial calling attention to it. But that’s exactly what Volkswagen did in this new spot for the I.D. Buzz — and it’s brilliant.

The I.D Buzz, for those unfamiliar, is the modern reincarnation of VW’s iconic bus. And instead of a tiny little flat four, motivation will be provided by Volkswagen’s next-generation electric powertrain. Dubbed the Mobility Electric Drive Matrix, the skateboard-style platform will allow it to underpin a line of vastly different vehicles.

We’ve already seen a beach buggy concept, by way of the — quite creatively named — I.D. Buggy Concept, and the customization possible given this radical new take on vehicle architecture is beyond exciting.

That said, we think this new ad, which addresses Volkswagen’s diesel scandal, is absolutely perfect. Because while it might call attention to an unpleasant chapter in the company’s history, it also shows that its taking big steps to apologize, by way of its commitment to electric power. For what it’s worth, we think VW will earn loads of good will when people start seeing these vans out in the wild — and we think the company will sell them as fast as its factories can crank them out. Honestly, we think the I.D. Buzz will be a watershed moment for electric cars — in a way the industry doesn’t even understand yet.

For information on how you can be one of the first people to own an I.D. Buzz, pay a visit for your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer. Until then, watch the commercial below for a little taste of the forthcoming green machine.

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