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Patent Filing Indicates Ford Ranger Raptor Likely Coming to US

On the heels of the Blue Oval releasing the official pricing for the 2019 Ford Ranger, we have even more interesting — albeit less official — news. The new bit of info comes to us via our friends over at the Ranger5G, who’ve cited an Australian patent filing as more proof that a Ranger Raptor is coming to the United States.

You can view the images for yourself here. But the reason they’re significant is that the truck in the drawing contains two elements not seen on the Ranger Raptor fans overseas are getting, namely a roll bar behind the cab, and a sliding window between the rear seats and the bed. Sure, it’s not official confirmation, but we’re getting there.

As we’ve written before, we think a US-spec truck is a done deal. First, a 2020 Ranger Raptor has been spotted tooling around Detroit. Second, the company has made cheeky jokes — “by 2035”— about when they’ll announce US availability. And finally, if Ford went to all the trouble of building this baby, does it make sense that it would neglect to sell it in pickup crazy America? Not to us it doesn’t.

If you remember, the Ranger Raptor was developed Down Under, where the engineers gave it trick bits like flared fenders, skid plates, Fox Racing shocks, and a Watts Link rear suspension. They also gave it a diesel — but we don’t think the oil burner will make the trip stateside. The version you’ll see at your local AutoNation Ford dealer will likely sport a 2.7-liter twin-turbocharged EcoBoost V6, good for 335 horsepower and 380 lb-ft of torque, paired with a ten-speed automatic.

Regardless of what it’s packing under the hood, a smaller version of the Raptor sounds like fun to us — and we don’t think we’ll have to wait 17 years to find out if it’s coming here.

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