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Don’t Wait: Now is the Time To Order Your Porsche Taycan

Consumers might not have noticed, but Tesla has had a target on its back for some time — because Elon Musk’s ambitious start up has been instrumental in transforming the electric car. It’s no longer just a rolling illustration of environmental cred among the crunchy-granola crowd, but a luxury product tech-savvy folks lust after like the latest and greatest iPhone. And that’s the kind of paradigm shift that competitors can’t afford to ignore.

So while Tesla’s production struggles and the loose-cannon Twitter posts of its opinionated founder have been making front page news, the Germans have been not-so-quietly preparing to eat the company’s lunch. That said, the Porsche Taycan is almost ready for its close up.

All the specifics on the high-performance, all-electric sedan aren’t yet available, but Stuttgart is promising it’ll have at least 600 horsepower and have a range of around 300 miles. Those numbers alone are impressive, but when you factor in that these models will also feature Porsche’s legendary build quality, it’s clear a new era is upon us.

While we can’t make any guarantees, don’t expect these vehicles to be delivered to customers — as Tesla has done — with ill-fitting body panels and mismatched interior bits. There’s a reason why Porsche routinely appears near the top of the annual J.D. Power Dependability Study, and we expect the Taycan to showcase German precision.

Right now, there’s a lot of excitement about the Taycan, as Road Show just quoted Porsche North America President and CEO Klaus Zellmer as saying that “If all the people [who pre-ordered] buy this car, then we are sold out for the first year.” So if you’re looking to get your hands on this historic vehicle soon after it hits showrooms, we’d recommend getting down to your local AutoNation-affiliated Porsche dealer right away…

More info on the Porsche Taycan when we have it.



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