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Concerned OnStar Reps Check in on Race Driver During Hot Lap

As a factory driver for the Cadillac racing team, Andy Pilgrim has had plenty of communication with company folks during his stints on the track, but this recent exchange was a little different. As it turns out, while he was flogging the latest ZR1 around the course at the National Corvette Museum, representatives from OnStar repeatedly contacted him — because they thought he’d crashed.

While it’s unclear as to exactly why OnStar thought Pilgrim was in trouble, it was likely caused by the high speed — he’s pushing 150 mph at some points — and g-forces he was subjecting the car to, though no other drivers have reported this happening. Of course, like a true professional, Pilgrim makes wrestling the ferocious beast around the circuit while talking with OnStar look like a walk in the park.

Check out the video below to watch him in action, and if you’re looking to pick up a ZR1 of your own, head to your local AutoNation Chevrolet dealer. If you’re anything like our resident hot shoe Mike Musto, you’ll be blown away with the performance…

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