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One Fun EV: 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE Test Drive Review

With an estimated 125-miles of EV range and outstanding driving dynamics, the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf comes to us in an understated package that many will appreciate. I say understated because the e-Golf has an air of familiarity to it that makes one immediately comfortable when they slide behind the wheel. The interior, for example, is almost identical to that of a standard Golf, sans a few dash readouts and some contrasting stitching, with the exterior following suit.

This is not a “statement” EV, but instead, one that goes about the business of providing petrol-free driving for those who enjoy being environmentally friendly on the down low.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE Exterior

Four external badges, special e-Golf specific wheels, a lack of exhaust ports, and some nifty blue accent trim on the front grille – those are the only identifiers that this Golf is in fact, electric. Volkswagen understands introducing electric vehicles into their lineup must be done smartly, thus, designing the e-Golf to fit right in with the standard line-up from an aesthetics perspective, was a brilliant move. At its core, the VW Golf has always been a small, simple and functional car that buyers can relate to.

It’s no runway model, nor does it need to be. Instead, its compact good looks are stylish, with a touch of personality. The short front-end houses stylish sealed beam headlamps with a slim black grill and a polished insert. Our tester came to us wearing Indium Gray Metallic paint (one of six color choices available) along with 16-inch alloys with 205/55-series all-season tires. Heading towards the rear, body-colored painted mirrors with embedded turn signals, blacked-out window trim, a small hatch spoiler along with chrome trimmed lower bumper treatment round out the package.

Again, there’s nothing groundbreaking here, but with that being said, the VW Golf, regardless of model designation, is quite arguably one of the best looking and most recognized compacts on the road today.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE Interior

With a lack of superfluous features and add-ons, the cabin of the 2019 e-Golf, instead comes to us with high-quality materials and an ergonomic feel that will make just about any driver feel at home. Are there telltale signs that you’re driving an EV? Well sure, but they’re done so in a delightfully tasteful manner that’s not over the top. First and foremost is the gauge cluster. Our SE model employs a clever take on a standard analog cluster by replacing a tachometer with a power/regeneration meter, along with a smaller gauge that sits directly below it. That gauge showcases how much power is available at any given time as it monitors the amount of battery charge your e-Golf has. It’s also drive mode dependent (Normal, Eco, Eco+). A MAX reading on the gauge means you’ve got full power for brisk acceleration. Fall below that and it may indicate you need a charge. To make things easier, VW has also replaced the Golfs standard fuel gauge, with an EV charge gauge.

Cloth front seats with heat offer a nice combination of manual and electronic adjustability as well as comfortable surfaces. The steering wheel is leather wrapped with Eco Blue stitching, and adorned with piano black plastic along with inset controls that allow access to the center dash readout for things like overall EV Range, the media system, adaptive cruise control, an onboard trip computer and fuel economy readings.

Volkswagen’s eight-inch glass touchscreen sits center dash and allows access to further radio controls, standard Bluetooth setup, auxiliary apps, and even Volkswagen’s Think Blue economy trainer which helps one get the most efficiency from their e-Golf. Positioned below also sits the most intuitive HVAC system in existence. Thanks to smart battery placement, the e-Golf also offers the same amount of cargo space as the standard Golf with 23 cubic feet of storage behind the rear seats, and 53 cubic-feet with the seats folded flat.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE Performance

By infusing the e-Golf with the same great driving characteristics as the standard Golf, VW has created a little EV that’s a hoot to drive. Powered by a 100kW electric motor with a 35.8-kW/hour lithium-ion battery Pack, the 2019 e-Golf comes to us with 134 horsepower and 214 lb-ft of torque. With power transmitted to the front wheels, the little EV pulls with authority off the line. While 60 mph is reached in around 8.5 seconds, from behind the wheel, it feels much quicker. The e-Golf outweighs a standard and manually equipped Golf by about 500 pounds, though due to the low placement of the batteries, it actually handles fantastically. It’s no GTI, but in the right hands, the e-Golf can absolutely be hustled down your favorite back road at a very brisk pace.

In regards to range, on a full charge Volkswagen estimates the e-Golf will go around 125 miles, but this is solely dependent on how you drive and what amenities you’re using at the time. Like a fuel-powered vehicle, the faster you go, the more fuel you burn — same with an EV. Except with an EV, features like the air conditioner, or seat heaters will drop your range considerably more. There are also three different drive modes (Normal, Eco, Eco+) and three stages of manually operated regen that help drivers optimize range and performance.

The EPA rates the 2019 e-Golf at an MPGe rating of 126 MPGe in the city, and 111 MPGe on the highway, with a total 240V charge time of around 5.3-hrs. Whether piloting the car through traffic, down a twisty bit of road, or merging onto an expressway on-ramp, the e-Golf always seems to impress — which is something which can’t be said about many other EVs in the segment.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE Safety

With standard safety features such as an intelligent crash response system (ICRS), anti-lock brakes, electronic stability control, electronic brake-pressure distribution, airbags throughout the cabin, automatic post-collision system, forward collision warning and emergency braking, along with a standard backup camera, the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf ensures that you’ll have a pleasant and safe journey straight to your destination.

Additional safety features can be seen over at VW.com.

2019 Volkswagen e-Golf

2019 Volkswagen Golf SE Overall:

With a base price of $31,895.00 and an as-tested price of $33,440,** the 2019 Volkswagen e-Golf SE is an economical EV that’s perfect for those who want great driving dynamics. Plus with three different drive modes (Normal, Eco, Eco+) as well as 3-stages of regenerative braking, owners will be able to get the most from the e-Golf’s 125-mile range.

Drop by your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer today to check one out!

*Fuel economy values (mpg) are EPA estimates. Actual mileage will vary and depends on several factors including driving habits and vehicle condition.

**Vehicle MSRP of $25,040.00 excludes taxes, title, transportation, options, and dealer fees.

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