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The Nissan Titan Surfcamp is the Perfect Summer Vehicle

OK, before we get anyone’s hopes up, we should note that the Nissan Titan Surfcamp is just a concept designed to attract some attention at the annual International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades show in Orlando, Florida.Nissan Surfcamp

Unlike some totally over-the-top concepts, however, if you’re determined — and have plenty of cash set aside for accessories — you should be able to put together something almost as cool without too much trouble. To build the Surfcamp, Nissan started with a Titan XD Diesel Midnight Edition Crew Cab, and added a slew of aftermarket kit to make it perfect for the beach.

Our favorite component here is unquestionably the Freespirit Recreation Elite tent that sits on top of the beefy Rhino-Rack. While camping isn’t exactly our speed, we love how the tent turns the truck into a kind of club house. Even if you weren’t planning on staying overnight, it’ll provide a great place to kick it in between surf sessions, and the awning and on-board shower system add even more reasons not to leave the beach.

We actually got a chance to check out the diesel-powered Titan at the launch in Arizona a few years back, and found it to be one heck of a rig. There was great power from the Cummins 5.0-liter V8, and the cabin and bed were loaded with innovative storage solutions. So if you’re in the market for a full-size pickup truck, we’d recommend heading over to your local AutoNation Nissan dealer and checking it out. Because while the examples on the showroom floor won’t have the in-bumper fishing rod storage, wet suit-material seat covers, or surf racks, there’s plenty of aftermarket support, so you can tailor your personal ride to handle any weekend adventures.

It’s a safe better that we’ll be able to get an up-close look at this tricked-out rig during the annual SEMA show in Las Vegas this November, but until then, check out the video and all the pics below!

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