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New VW Bus Could be Built in the USA: Photo Gallery

If it seems like Volkswagen has been teasing us with the prospect of a new VW Bus for 20 years, that’s understandable. Largely because the company has been teasing us with the prospect of a new VW Bus for 20 years. That said, Volkswagen has been pretty clear that a new hippie mobile is really, totally, for sure happening this time, and it’s a key part of its electric vehicle strategy.

In fact, in recent comments to Autocar, Volkswagen’s North American CEO suggested the bus could actually be produced domestically, saying “It’s not possible to come into a high-volume scenario with imported cars. We want to localize electric mobility in the U.S.”

So don’t worry, the new VW bus won’t be forbidden fruit.

The new all-electric microbus will be called the I.D. Buzz, and it will arrive at your local AutoNation Volkswagen dealer around 2022. Because it’s no longer acceptable for your legs to serve as a crumple zone, it doesn’t exactly match the design of the 1960s models. But overall, we think the designers did a great job with the concept, and if the production model looks anywhere near as cool, we think these are going to be a huge hit.

Details on the powertrain are still a ways out, though a range of 270 miles was floated when the microbus concept debuted in Detroit. And given how fast battery technology is advancing, we wouldn’t be surprised if that number gets a bump between now and 2022.

Check out a ton of photos of the concept below, and stay tuned for more info on the new VW bus!


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