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New Cadillac Motor Will Likely Power the Mid-Engine Corvette

Last week, Cadillac took the wraps off its new twin-turbo V-8. The 4.2-liter GF18 is a trick little unit, which houses the snails in the middle of the block’s V, a setup that helps dramatically reduce turbo lag. According to the General, the engine will produce 550 horsepower and 637 pound-feet of torque, and should provide plenty of motivation for the 2019 CT6 V-Sport.

It’s been over three decades since Cadillac has had an engine all to itself, as recent years have seen cars sporting LT or LS motors, and we expect that soon, the luxury marque will have to share. Because we know that a mid-engine Corvette is coming, and there are signs that this is the engine that’ll power it. As our friends at Corvette Forum have pointed out, there have long been rumors that the C8 — which is how fans are referring to the Corvette — will be powered by a smaller displacement V-8, and this engine is even being built at the Corvette plant in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

That said, if this motor does wind up in the next-generation Corvette, there’s likely to be some major changes, because while 550 horsepower is nothing to sneeze at, in the power-crazy modern automotive landscape, it’s not really enough to make headlines. And right now, the current Corvette ZR1 is pushing a whopping 755 horsepower, so it’s unlikely we’ll see an almost 300 horsepower delta between the two. So expect a Corvette-spec GF18 to feature more displacement, more aggressive camshafts, and stouter internals designed for big boost.

Of course, there’s the outside chance than the new mid-engine supercar won’t be badged a Corvette, but actually be branded a Cadillac. It’s something we’ve speculated about before, and we think the move could make sense, especially if the car is an extremely low-volume product akin to the Ford GT. After all, do you think that the highest profile C8 sighting so far occurred in Cadillac, Michigan for no reason? Because we don’t.

Of course, the currently unnamed supercar is still a ways out, but if you’re looking to experience the new Cadillac CT6 or ZR1, head to your local AutoNation dealer today!


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