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Mustang Lines: Here’s the First Teaser of Ford’s Electric SUV

As everyone knows, Ford is going all in on crossovers, SUVs, and trucks. In a couple of years, the Mustang will be the only car left in its lineup, and it will be built on a modular platform shared with other vehicles the Blue Oval’s stable. As we’ve said before, that opens the door for an all-wheel drive version of the Mustang — which sounds like an awesome idea. Can you imagine a 500-horsepower Mustang with power at all four corners and with a Magne-ride suspension set up? Because we can, and it makes us weak in the knees…

That said, the company’s forthcoming electric SUV is said to be inspired by the iconic pony car, and the first teaser image backs that up big time. The roofline is a little taller, but the taillights and the the hips look directly taken from the current Mustang, which is high praise. Ford clearly wants to put a lot of the coupe’s DNA into this new model, to the point where the brass actually floated the idea of calling it the Mach 1 — before deciding that wasn’t the best idea.

There aren’t a ton of specifics on the unnamed electric SUV, but Ford is shooting for a range of around 300 miles when it hits your local AutoNation dealer in 2020. More news when we have it!

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