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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Car Goodies for Mom

Treat your Mom this Mother’s Day to the gift that she really wants- goodies for her car. Let’s face it. Our Moms are warriors. They’ve put up with all of our nonsense and they’ve stuck by us through thick and thin. Our Moms deserve the best, but we don’t always reward them the way that they should be rewarded on their special day. The answer? Taking care of Mom’s car the way that Mom took care of us. This Mother’s Day, swing by your nearby AutoNation dealership to spice up her car and make her daily drive that much better.


  • OEM Accessories: You can’t beat OEM accessories when it comes to taking Mom’s car to the next level. Get Mom some floor mats to keep her car cleaner than ever, or a cargo net to store the groceries she’ll inevitably be picking up. You can also purchase things like roof racks or brand memorabilia to keep Mom styling and showing off her brand pride.
  • New Tires: We all need them. Get Mom the tires she needs for the roads she drives on with AutoNation’s help. New tires are important for the overall performance for Mom’s car, and they’ll keep your Mom safe while she’s on the road. Your Mom probably does need a fresh set of tires, so do her a favor and take her car in for her to get some. You know she deserves it.
  • Mothers Day imageRoutine Maintenance: Much like new tires, most cars need routine maintenance done. Take your Mom’s car in for service whether it’s in the 30k mile range or the 90k mile range. Cars, being mechanical in nature, wear down over time. Your Mom has probably used her car for hauling you around more than you’d care to admit, so take her car in to AutoNation to get it serviced.
  • Ding and Dent Repair: Who hasn’t accidentally bumped their Mom’s car growing up? Those dings and dents that may or may not have been caused by you and your siblings are probably still on Mom’s car. If that’s the case, or there are any other blemishes on her ride, it’s time to take it in and get work done. Your Mom probably would never complain about those scratches that you caused- all the more reason to quietly take care of them for her on her special day.
  • A New Car: And, of course, if you really love your Mom, you’ll buy her a brand new car altogether. Mom has spent countless hours and countless dollars raising you and being an immovable foundation for your family. If you have the opportunity, go ahead and get Mom into a brand new ride. Buying someone’s love may not be a realistic option, but we think this would get pretty darn close.


Happy Mother’s Day!

Thanks, Moms, for all you do. The staff at AutoNation Drive wants you to know that you are appreciated and loved, and that we would do anything for you. Sons, daughters, and husbands- if you really want to spoil your Mom this Mother’s Day, do something for her car. It’s something she always has needed and always will need. Just like the way we need her.

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