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Sources Say New Mid-Sized RAM Will be Body-on-Frame

Right now, crossovers are unquestionably the hottest trend in the automotive world — but they aren’t the only trend in town. The mid-size pickup segment is also heating up, and RAM doesn’t want to get left behind. Exactly how the brand will enter the market has been the subject of rumor for many months now, and our friends over at Automotive News are reporting that the new offering will utilize traditional body-on-frame architecture, as opposed to going with a unibody.

As with a lot of information about forthcoming models, the source isn’t the actual company brass, but one of the company’s Detroit suppliers, who are always ahead of the curve when it comes to production details. According to the unnamed contact, the Dakota replacement will share production facilities with the eagerly anticipated Wrangler pickup, which will be built in Toledo, Ohio. The fact that it’s going to go body-on-frame, as opposed to using a FIAT-based unibody platform, is an acknowledgment that competition in the mid-size market — see the the Ford Ranger and Chevy Colorado — is tough. So we expect RAM will enter the fight with guns blazing.

You can expect to see the new mid-sized RAM at your local AutoNation dealer in 2020 or 2021, but we’re sure to have plenty more info about it long before then. That said? We have to wonder if we’ll see a ferocious Hellcat-powered model on the menu. Because while it would be a niche product, the bragging rights that would come along such a compact muscle truck would be priceless.

Keep your fingers crossed that the mad scientists at Ma Mopar just can’t resist bringing it to market…

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