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New Report Suggests Why the Mid-Engine Corvette Will be Delayed

Even when Chevrolet tried to shut down speculation that the mid-engine Corvette would debut at this year’s Detroit Auto Show, we still held out hope that it could happen. But alas, January came and went — and there’s not even official confirmation from the Blue Oval that such a car even exists.

That said? We know it exists. You can see the racing version testing in the video below. There have been patent filings suggesting it could get a manual transmission. There have been other patent filings hinting it’ll be named after Zora Arkus-Duntov, the “Father of the Corvette.” And, you know, a test mule showed up at a Michigan McDonald’s. So rest assured, whether the company is ready to take the wraps off yet, Chevrolet is readying a mid-engine supercar.

It just looks like getting everything dialed in is taking a little longer than anticipated, and our friends at Hagerty think they know what some of the sticking points are.

As should be clear from the opening of this post, nobody affiliated with the General spoke on record for the piece, and it relies on “well-placed sources.” But Hagerty runs a tight ship, and the reasoning seems solid. There are apparently three major things happening which are causing the mid-engine Corvette to be delayed.

The first is the complexity of the electrical architecture. The third reason they highlight is an internal disagreement between the designers and the development engineers. But it’s the second one which has us really interested:

The second issue is a structural distortion of the aluminum spaceframe experienced during testing a prototype equipped with the 900-1000 horsepower twin-turbo V-8. The twist in back was enough to fracture the glass hatch covering the engine.

Given the current top-spec Corvettes are already pushing north of 700 horsepower, 900 to 1000 doesn’t sound unreasonable for the next generation. And wow, would that make for a wicked machine. Seriously, if the engineers have to figure out how to reinforce the chassis to handle all the power? We’re fine with a wait here. Make sure to read all the juicy details — including when they think this secret weapon will be revealed — in the full story.

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