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Watch the Mercedes G550 Tackle a 100% Grade: Video

At the Northwest Outdoor Activity Vehicle Awards back in May, we got to drive a bunch of SUVs and crossovers, back to back, on both a road course, and a rugged off-road section. During the testing, we got a chance to drive the Mercedes G550, and to say we were impressed with its off-road chops would be a massive understatement.

Here’s what we had to say about our time in the beefy Benz:

Simply put, this baby is an absolute unit off road. Sure, when you’re behind the wheel of the G550, you’re in the embrace of some of the best luxury appointments Germany has to offer. There’s no question about that. But don’t let the supple Nappa leather seats fool you, because the G550 will make short work of anything that’s in front of it.

Now, in some of the other machines we took on the extreme course, we had to toggle some settings and engage low gears to make it over the obstacles. In comparison? The Mercedes required no such intervention. It just happily drove over anything in front of it, and made the rock piles and steep grades look about as intimidating as a speed bump in a Whole Foods parking lot. It was beyond impressive, to say the least.

So we’re not surprised that that Jason from Engineering Explained was able to get a G550 to climb a 100% grade, which is defined as an angle or 45 degrees — not a completely vertical ascent.

Watch the video below to see this beast in action, and if you think you need a luxurious battle wagon in your fleet, swing by your local Mercedes-Benz affiliated AutoNation dealer to arrange a test drive!

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