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Mercedes-Benz Was the Top Luxury Vehicle Brand for 2018

It’s the nature of the industry that each established luxury brand has its devoted fan base, just as folks split into camps over sports cars and trucks. But every company wants to be king of the luxury hill, and in 2018, it was once again Mercedes-Benz. While it didn’t best its own sales figures for 2017, with sales of 315,000 units, it still managed to edge out arch-rival BMW, which reported total sales of 311,000 vehicles.

At 298,000 Lexus wasn’t too far behind in the two top players, while Audi ranked fourth, with 223,000 reported sales. Given the luxury landscape, the fifth place finisher will likely come as a surprise to many folks, as it wasn’t an established segment player like Jaguar or Cadillac, but rather electric upstart Tesla, which delivered a record 191,000 or its sleek green machines.

Now, while that might look great for Elon Musk, we still think the market is only going to get more competitive, as more and more companies release pure electric vehicles. So whether the California company is able maintain that growth in 2019 remains to be seen.

In 2018,  we got to check out a variety of Mercedes-Benz products, from the sleek S560 4MATIC Coupe, to the 603-horsepower E63 S, to the GLS63, a full-size SUV that thinks its a sports car. And while these are all very different vehicles, they all shared one important similarity — at the end of the week, we didn’t want to give them back. To find out why Mercedes-Benz remains an icon, schedule an appointment with your local AutoNation-affiliated dealer today!

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