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Looks Like the 2019 Ford Focus Won’t be Available in America

If you’ve been thinking about getting a Ford Focus, now’s the time to head to your local AutoNation Ford dealer — because it sounds like its days are numbered.

Our friends at Jalopnik recently spoke with a representative from Ford, and while the Focus Active was slated to remain on the menu in the U.S., it sounds like recent trade negotiations have made it tough to justify bringing over the Chinese-built compact. Here’s the official word, as told to David Tracy: “We made a business decision to stop development of the Focus Active crossover because of the negative financial impact of the new tariffs on vehicles imported from China.”

The decision to drop the Focus comes on the heels of the Blue Oval’s paradigm-shifting decision to cut virtually all cars from its domestic lineup, and while we think tariffs might have played a role in the move, we think it’s just as likely that there’s not really a business case for the fun, versatile Focus on our shores.

The only traditional car Ford will sell here is the Mustang, which will actually use a modular platform that will open the way for an all-wheel drive model. While we’re sad to see the Focus go, the prospect of a Pony car with power at all four corners has us excited to say the least.

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