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Lincoln is Bringing Back Suicide Doors for the Continental

When enthusiasts think about Lincoln, the Continental of the 1960s is the first thing that comes to mind. It was a stately, giant, sedan with luxury appointments which rivaled anything Rolls-Royce had to offer, and remains an icon.

Unfortunately, one of the model’s defining features were the rear-hinged “suicide doors,” and modern incarnations of the Continental have spurned them in favor of traditional doors. But that hasn’t stopped industry watchers from pining for their return, and a new Instagram post from Lincoln shows the company was listening. It’s a  picture of the Continental’s 1960s door handles, accompanied by: “Center-opening doors elevated the Lincoln Continental of the mid-1960s to the pinnacle of mid-century style…Throwback Thursday, or is it? Stay tuned.”

Make no mistake: Suicide doors are coming back to the Continental.

The return of this feature has been rumored for some time, but this confirmation, coming straight from Lincoln, is obviously exciting. At this point, we’re curious about how the company will refer to them, and for clarification, we’ll turn to the explanation we provided last time we wrote about Lincoln and its suicide doors.

Of course, if the new Lincoln does get the trick doors, expect them to be called something else, because automakers don’t really want to be associated with the word “suicide,” for reasons that should be obvious. While the technical term is rear-hinged doors, other companies have historically branded them uniquely. For example, Rolls-Royce refers to them as “coach doors,” Mazda says “freestyle doors,” and when Saturn used them on its Ion couple back in the mid 2000s, they were quite un-sexily called “rear access doors.”

That said, however Lincoln brands them will be fine with us. While we were expecting to see a refreshed version of the current Continental at the upcoming Detroit Auto Show, we now think we might see an all-new model unveiled.

As soon as we know when the new Lincoln flagship will be available at your local AutoNation dealer, we’ll let you know.

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