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First Look at the Lexus UX Concept SUV

Lexus is teasing with their plans for the release of a high-tech concept UX crossover. The Lexus UX will target “a progressive, urban audience living in a connected environment,” which will debut September 29th at the Paris Motor Show. The first leaked teaser image shows only the side and rear of the concept car, just enough to get Lexus enthusiasts worked up over its innovation.

Lexus has given us plenty to talk about. One salient detail is the side view mirrors have been replaced by cameras. The Japanese manufacturer got the green light on manufacturing mirrorless cars in June of this year, and they have jumped at the opportunity to work them into this SUV/CUV UX concept that “showcases imaginative technologies for an immersive driver experience.” Also unique are the door handles that are set in the center of the doors, much like what are commonly known as suicide doors.

Although we’ve only been given a few details about the Lexus UX Concept, it’s been compared in various reports to the BMW X6, also an SUV with a coupe-style rear. But this coupe has four doors. It’s anticipated the Lexus UX will be comparable in size to the Toyota C-HR (coupe-high rider) that will be available next year. It will honor the Lexus traditional craftsmanship interior along with some new design twists. The crossover concept will also feature exaggerated flared fenders, a high tail and oversized wheels.

Another mark of distinction are taillights that run flush across the trunk, similar to the LF-NX concept crossover. The front passenger seat is said to resemble a Herman Millar office chair and reports are being released that it is a Kinetic Seat, engineered for high-tech comfort and support. There are also dual exhaust pipes and LED tail lamps. A hybrid post-launch is also on the horizon, as buzz mounts on the UX’s 102-liter turbo-charged four cylinder.

You won’t have to wait much longer for this elegant, compact, connected Lexus UX Concept SUV with the grand unveiling coming at the end of the month in Paris. Look out: Audi Q2, BMW X-4 and X-6, Mercedes-Benz GLC and GLE Coupes and Infiniti QX70, there’s a new kid in class!

We hope you’ll be able to test-drive the new Lexus Concept SUV, but until then, you an always try out any of this year’s models at your local AutoNation-affiliated Lexus dealership today.

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