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The Lexus LC Inspiration Concept is a Great Kind of Concept

OK first thing? We don’t think the Lexus LC Inspiration Concept is really a “concept,” in the traditional sense.  Because it’s essentially a production car, in another color — Flare Yellow. So while the car does get special black wheels, along with matching yellow accents and stitching in the cabin, there’s not anything profoundly different here from the LCs you’ll find at your local AutoNation-affiliated Lexus dealer. If you’re looking for a concept car’s concept car? Check out this one — that should do it.

But in all fairness? The LC made the leap from concept to production beautifully, so even when you see one in traffic, it doesn’t look that far removed from something you’d see rotating on a carousel at an auto show. Here’s what resident hot shoe Mike Musto thought about the LC 500 when he first encountered it:

This is an emotional car. It makes you stop, tilt your head from side-to-side, and wander around it when you first see it. You’ll stand there and take in things like the carbon fiber roof, the long bonnet, and the small retractable spoiler on the rear deck lid. That signature Lexus grille will probably grab your attention next, as will the large 21-inch wheels and sculpted aero work that flows throughout the body.

Very few cars as of late – and by that I mean the last fifteen years or so – have enchanted me from a design standpoint. This one, though, had me standing there for a quite some time just pondering the workmanship that went into it. The LC 500 is a luxury sports coupe in its truest form, and it takes me back to cars like the Porsche 928 and BMW E24 M6.

This is not a car for those with families or those looking to be practical. Instead, the LC 500 speaks to the buyer who is looking to make a statement.

You can check out Musto’s full review here. For the record, we happen think the LC looks fantastic in Flare Yellow, and hey, if you’re looking to make a statement, why not go all the way? Stay tuned, because while this is being called a concept, we think it’ll be a factory option package sooner rather than later…

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