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The Latest Toyota Supra Commercial is All About Fun: Video

If you don’t think the new Toyota Supra looks like fun, you haven’t been paying attention. But fortunately, this latest spot should get your blood pumping.

In it, we see a driver take their new baby to the track, and putting the new sharp-handling sports coupe through the wringer. While there’s plenty of gratuitous oversteer, there’s also a brief moment where all four wheels leave the tarmac — and we honestly can’t remember the last time when we’ve seen that happen in a car commercial.

It’s worth noting that before it wound up in the hands of journalists, there was plenty of talk about how next-gen Supra shared too much DNA with its BMW cousin, the Z4. But testers have found it’s a different animal entirely, writing reams about how great the engine note sounds, and what a hoot it is to flog in the twisties.

Another thing we should mention? Independent tests have found the Supra is making more than the advertised 335 horsepower and 365 lb-ft of torque. Though it doesn’t exactly make up for the fact that you can’t opt for a third pedal, we’ve yet to drive something which wasn’t improved by adding more poke.

That said, our reviewers should be getting their hands on the Supra in the next few weeks, so expect a full review soon.

So watch the video below, and if you like what you see, head to your local AutoNation Toyota dealer to arrange a test drive of the latest Supra. Just try to keep the rubber on the road…

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